You're Invited to a Progressive Series of Guided Practices
Three Month Daily Practice Intensives
30 minute Daily Sessions

Monday to Friday Sessions
Practice on Own Saturdays & Sundays

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Offering you a practical, effective and inspirational way to deepen your practice

“I have taken many courses from Pandit Dabral over the years, and the Path of Fire and Light month-long course has been the best yet to learn about the complex details of Pranāyama and establish a meaningful practice. 
Panditji is a top-notch instructor and teaches in an encouraging, inspiring, and loving manner. His knowledge of Yoga Science including Pranāyama is second to none.
I'm looking forward more month long practice intensives.” – Jon H. Minnesota, USA

Two Tracks:
Both tracks deliver participants prepared for our Virtual Monthly Chakra Sadhana Retreats and Summer Retreat

1. Path of Fire and Light - Open to All
Deepen your practice with daily guidance
Path group started in August 2020 and continues to grow in depth.

30 minutes daily -  Monday- Friday
Designed for new students, those who have been around and those who have not yet attended a retreat.  Encourage your family and friends to participate (click image on left for details)
Based on Swami Rama’s books on pranayama and much deeper levels of practice that support pranayama—including mudras and bandhas.
Learn to activate the pranic body and allow prana to bring balance to the physical body and concentrate the mind. Achieve control over the senses such that one can create calm and serenity at any moment. Enter the deeper state of mind at will.

Path of Fire and Light will deliver participants prepared and immersed for the next retreat.

2. Gateway to the Subtle Body -
Open to past Retreat participants.  This track began in August 2020 and is going strong.

Journey to the Center of Consciousness
Guided daily practice based on the subtle aspects of yoga, chakras, kundalini, and pranayama.
Graduate and open yourself to these practices--some of which have not been previously taught.
Learn the deeper levels of breath retention, kundalini awakening, chakra purification and chakra awakening
“Panditji’s Gateway to the Subtle Body classes are Perfect. He guides us in such a way that I feel cared for and in the best of hands. My yoga practice has become deeper and more meaningful. I am honoured to practice with so many like-minded and dedicated people.” -Janice, Canada
“This daily practice Gateway to the Subtle Body is a profound experience. Panditji is systematically taking us deeper, from simple to more complex visual images in the chakras, to the felt experience of the vibration of the seed mantras, to powerful breathing in ida, pingala and sushumna channels in the subtle body. I highly recommend this transformative practice with Panditji.” —Lynn Fraser


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