Upcoming Retreat
February 2022
As the architect of your life, you are invited to construct your spiritual plan for this year, the next, and for years to come.

“Learn to be happy. Don’t postpone your joys and happiness for next year, and don’t leave it to God to make you happy. God is already within you; happiness is within you. Witness his presence all the time and remain free from all fears. You are the architect of your life.”  ~SWAMI RAMA

“My deepest thanks for the fantastic five day virtual retreat! Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious and the information you imparted is timeless and invaluable.  I am certainly richer in mind and spirit for having participated.  I believe it has been nearly 25 years since you initiated me into the Himalayan Tradition and it has changed the course of my life in so many ways.  I will be forever grateful to you."   ~Laura, Canada

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